Supporting Not-For-Profit Arts in Brighton, Hove & Beyond

Summer is here, our new Arts Diary covering June, July and August is available in a range of venues across the City and surrounding area, and where better to enjoy the Summer of 2018 than in Sussex by the Sea?  Looking ahead to the Autumn, we now have the entries for our annual Drama Awards and you can see details of the eight entries here. 

You can also find out what’s on via our online calendar, which offers detailed information on all group members’ events including dates, times, ticket prices and booking information. Locations are also shown with Google Maps.

News from, and a wider view of, many of our group members  can be found on our Blog on this website, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

You can join us as an individual member for just £8 per year and the Arts Diary will be sent to you by post every quarter.  See our membership page for full details.


Brighton & Hove Arts Council was founded in 1974 by a group of enthusiasts to support and promote the not-for-profit arts sector in Brighton, Hove and beyond.  We are a registered charity that continues to be run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

As well as our Individual Members, we currently have around 70 Group Members in the fields of theatre, music, dance, poetry, debating, painting, sculpture, singing, local radio and the written word.

We do not offer grants, and have no discretionary funding available.