• BHAC Drama Awards 2016
    Brighton & Hove Arts Council - Drama Awards 2016

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Brighton & Hove Arts Council Arts Diary Autumn 2016The current edition of our quarterly Arts Diary, covering the period September-November 2016, is out now.  Check your local library or visitor centre where they are usually available and free of charge.  Alternatively, join us as an individual member on an annual basis and for just £8 per year we’ll post it to you.  Meanwhile, to find out right now what our group members are doing this Autumn, check out our online calendar or follow us on Twitter.
BHAC Drama Awards 2016How many of the six exciting local productions which are taking part in the BHAC Drama Awards 2016 have you seen?   If you’ve not already booked tickets, then check out what’s still to come here…  More>>


Brighton & Hove Arts Council was founded in 1974 by a group of enthusiasts to support and promote the not-for-profit arts sector in Brighton, Hove and beyond. We are a registered charity that continues to be run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

As well as our Individual Members, we currently have over sixty Group Members in the fields of theatre, music, dance, poetry, debating, painting, sculpture, singing, local radio and the written word.

We do not offer grants, and have no discretionary funding available.