BHAC Drama Awards 2017

Southwick Players

Goodnight Mr Tom by David Wood

A shy and quiet World War II evacuee is housed by a disgruntled old man, and they soon develop a close bond.

(Adjudication: 14th September)


Wick Theatre Company

Brief Encounter by Noel Coward, adapted by Emma Price

At a café on a railway station, housewife Laura Jesson is introduced to doctor Alec Harvey. Although both married, they continue to meet every Thursday in the small café, and gradually fall in love, although they know that their love is impossible.

(Adjudication: 6th October)


Burgess Hill Theatre Club

The Tin Woman by Sean Grennon

Instead of relishing life after her heart transplant, Joy enters a downward spiral, unsure whether she truly deserves a second chance.  Meanwhile, Alice and Hank mourn the loss of their son, Jack, whose heart was used to save Joy.  At a friend’s urging, Joy tracks down Jack’s family to find closure.  But are Alice, Hank, and their daughter Sammy ready to accept Jack’s death?

(Adjudication: 19th October)


Henfield Theatre Company

Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

A lazy, irresponsible young clerk in provincial Northern England lives in his own fantasy world and makes emotionally immature decisions as he alienates friends and family.

(Adjudication: 20th October)


Lancing Repertory Players

Playhouse Creatures by April de Angelis

A funny and moving play about the first actresses to take to the stage in 17th century England.  Bawdy language, comedy, tragedy and a pull-along sheep – this is restoration comedy laid bare (as well as bear).

(Adjudication: 27th October)


New Venture Theatre

Anna Christie by Eugene O’Neill

Anna was sent by her Swedish seafaring father to live with cousins in Minnesota where she was badly abused.  She escaped and wrote to her father telling him it’s time to help her.  They are reconciled, but whilst on her father’s barge they come across shipwrecked sailor Matt Burke and she falls in love.  Dare she tell them the truth and risk everything?

(Adjudication: 15th November)


This year’s Adjudicator: Mr Trevor Jones

Awards Night: 13th December 2017 at BHASVIC