The objective of Brighton + Hove Arts Council is to promote the wider arts in Brighton, Hove and beyond,  and membership is open to all not-for-profit arts groups.

MEMBERSHIP – Organisations:

Subscriptions, payable annually on 1st April, are based on your organisation’s annual income: currently £16.50 for organisations with up to £1,500;  £22.00 for £1,501 – £2,500;  £27.50 for £2,501 – £10,000;  £34.00 for £10,001 – £50,000;  and £41.00 for over £50,000.

You may pay a proportionate subscription during your first year if joining from July to March.  Please contact our Treasurer by email at to check the amount payable.

Please download your application form here.  (Acceptance is subject to approval by the Trustees)

Group membership form 2016