A sculpture well worth waiting for

Hove Civic Society (4th October 2020)

A Sculpture Well Worth Waiting For 

It’s been a long spring and summer under Covid and inevitably the timescale for the next sculpture for  Hove Plinth has been affected by the pandemic.  But don’t worry, we are still here and working with Pierre Diamantopoulo on the plan to bring the magnificent Flight of Langoustine to the seafront in due course.

The four life-size figures have all been sculpted, but just like we were restricted to our homes during lockdown, the sculptures have been confined to Diamantopoulo’s studio in Cooksbridge.  They are ready and impatient, as are we, for the foundry stage – the rather brutal process where the clay figures will be broken up to create moulds in order to be cast and reborn in bronze.

And although we couldn’t have anticipated this, the Flight of the Langoustine turns out to be  a perfect symbol of our times.  What could be more resonant with our lives under Covid than the celebration of freedom that this sculpture exudes.  The four life-size figures breaking through the steel grid like a flock of birds are making an exuberant dash for freedom.  It’s a story of escape, inspired by a broken lobster pot, which can be interpreted in many ways but just now chimes with our own quest for freedom.

The project has raised £40K so far for this sculpture and the immediate target is to raise a further £15K in order to commission the bronze casting.  The next stage will then be the  fabrication of the steel grid,  assembly and finally installation.  There is still some way to go and the timescale for bringing Flight of the Langoustine to Hove Plinth will depend on how soon the funds can be raised.  But one thing is sure, whenever  it  happens it will have been well worth waiting for.

Help us release the ‘langoustines’!  
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