About the Arts Diary

BHAC Arts Diary Autumn 2023

The Arts Diary is printed quarterly and distributed free throughout Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas.

Member groups submit events for free listings and these are also listed in our online Arts Diary.

The printed Arts Diary also accepts advertisements from both members and non-members.

Further details of distribution and how you can be included are below.

Please use our contact form for any Arts Diary queries.


The Arts Diary is produced quarterly in February, May, August and November towards the end of each month.

The current print run is 7000 hard copies per issue, though this can vary form time to time. These are distributed to libraries, information points, community centres and theatres, pubs, and coffee shops throughout Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Lewes, Rottingdean, and other local areas..

The Arts Diary contains listings of events from our member groups for the coming quarter, organised by date and type of event, often with photos of the performers/artists.

How can you feature in the Arts Diary?

Not-for-profit groups and charities can apply to become members. You will then be invited to send in listings of all your arts-based events that are open to the public, by the deadlines below. Photos are also very welcome. Listings in the Arts Diary are FREE and only available to member groups.

Members can also take advantage of reduced rates for advertisements (see below). Please see the Join section of this website for further details.


Anyone can advertise in the Arts Diary on any relevant subject*.

The current prices are as follows (A full page is A5 portrait):

  • Full page – non-members £200, members £120
  • Half page – non-members £100, members £60
  • Quarter page – non-members £50, members £30

Regular advertisers get a further 20% discount on these prices.

Please contact us using our contact form before the deadlines below if you are thinking of taking out an advertisement in that issue. We will need the copy (text and photographs, if relevant) by these dates.

* We reserve the right to reject advertisements that we feel are unsuitable for inclusion in the BHAC Arts Diary.

Deadlines for listings and advert copy

  • For events in March to May we must have all copy text, photographs, and/or graphics by 31st January
  • For events in June to August we must have all copy text, photographs, and/or graphics by 30th April
  • For events in September to November we must have all copy text, photographs, and/or graphics by 31st July
  • For events in December to February we must have all copy text, photographs, and/or graphics by 31st October