An opportunity to perform in your own home

Springboard Festival (6th November 2020) (updated 6 December 2020)


An opportunity to perform in your own home


Performer from Phoenix Theatre Company

On a Sunday afternoon in October, a group of young singers and their families gathered round screens in their homes to take part via Zoom in a Springboard virtual mini-festival.

For the next hour or so, they watched each other’s videoed performances of songs from shows ranging from Hairspray to Hamilton, Carousel to Cabaret. The videos had previously been watched by the adjudicator, Jane Wilkinson, who had recorded constructive feedback on every performer, which she conveyed in such a warm and encouraging manner it felt as though she was in the room.

This was a trial run for the Springboard 2021 Virtual Festival [], which will be held over four weekends, from 27 February to 20 March 2021, and we were pleasantly surprised at how well the format worked. The performers had put a great deal of care into their videos, and there was a clear sense of excitement as the recordings were shared with the invited audience and the young people listened to Jane Wilkinson talking about their performances.

So we welcome entries from Speech & Drama performers (deadline was 6 December 2020 but now extended to 20 December 2020) and musicians (deadline 24 January 2021) as usual, and are looking forward to seeing everyone at the virtual event in the spring.

New classes include the opportunity to transport an audience into an imaginary world through the power of voice alone in our new audio book characterization classes, and to give a persuasive and entertaining oral presentation.

If you have never entered Springboard before, and feel nervous about getting up and performing in front of an audience, this may be your big chance. Because once you have looked at the syllabus for your section, entered a class and taken note of the Guidelines for Filming you can record your performance in the privacy of your own home. Then you just need to upload the video and attend the online event.

Age need not be a barrier. There are several opportunities for adult instrumentalists, and our new Dame Felicity Lott Recital Class for adult singers includes the possibility of being awarded a coaching session with a leading singing teacher, including Dame Felicity herself.

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