Poems on the Buses

NEWSFLASH! Due to the delay in printing the poems on the coving, the A4 posters and Digital Screens poems will remain on the buses for a couple of weeks longer!! For more information about the poem formats please read on…

Poems on the Buses is a new collaboration with Brighton & Hove Buses and Brighton & Hove Arts Council. A selection of poems which were entries in the 2023 BHAC Poetry Competition and Festival will appear on buses within the B&H Buses network at the beginning of 2024.

You can find a list of the poems below.


Watch this space for more information, and check out our Instagram, X, and Facebook accounts for the most up-to-the-minute news! We would love you to share your photos of poems with us (there’s even a form for you to send them to us) – so keep your phones ready for your bus journeys.

See the photos in our gallery.

About Poems on the Buses

A poem displayed on a bus
‘Nick Andrews Plays at the Unitarian’ by Jane Thorp is displayed in an A4 poster slot on the ‘Sir Charles Barry’ bus, Route 6

Poems specially selected from entries to the BHAC Poetry Competition will appear on many of the Brighton & Hove buses in January and February 2024. Some may be extended through into later months.

The poems were selected by Poetry Competition judge John McCullough, Poetry Competition and Festival organiser Kevin Rance, and our friends at Brighton & Hove Buses.

Where to look for Poems on the Buses

There are three different types of media used to display the poems:

  • A4 poster slots
  • Digital screens
  • Coving

A4 poster slots

The majority of the poems will be displayed in the poster slots, which are generally to be found downstairs on the double-decker buses, behind the stairwells. Brighton & Hove Buses are distributing the posters via the bus drivers as and when it is possible, and there are now plenty to find. Please share poems when you see them!

Digital screens

A few of the shorter poems appear intermittently on the digital screens of the newest blue buses, which are used on Routes 1 and 5. There are two poems per bus, and each time they can be seen for a maximum of twenty seconds – so you’ll need to be ready for them!


Lastly, a small number of the poems are to be printed onto the coving just below the ceilings of certain buses. Included amongst these will be poems from all of the Poetry Competition winners. Brighton & Hove Buses have informed us that the coving poems will be coming out in March.

Spotted on the buses! Send your photos to us using the form below, or share them with us on social media: Instagram, X, or Facebook.

It is possible to track B&H buses by name, number, or registration on the Brighton & Hove Buses website here. And if you’re curious about the names of the buses you can find out more here.

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    List of Poems on the Buses

    Alex Underhill For Jacob Poster Digital
    Alexandros Athanassiou DIVIDING BERLIN Poster Coving
    Ali Moir Sussex in Stone and Fire Poster Digital
    Alice Denny ERIDGE GREEN Poster Coving
    Alicia Adams THE BEACH-COMBER’S KEY Poster
    Amanda Hodgson Bus ride Poster Coving
    Amilia Preston Winter sunshine Poster
    Amy Cannon I Tread Lightly Poster
    Amy Cannon The Gloves are Off Poster
    Andy Breckenridge Said The Hawthorns On The Sussex Downs Poster
    Angela Darku Love Poster
    Barbara Archer HOP ON HOP OFF Coving
    Catherine Redford The path is a loop today Poster
    Charlie Chalkley The Trees Poster
    Chris Goode Imagined landscapes Poster
    Chris Hardy A BOX OF KEYS Poster Coving
    Christine Hollywood Long Vision Poster
    Claire Wyatt African Goblet Poster Digital
    Daniel Hole They ate my bass Poster Coving
    David Attree Archeological Graffiti Poster
    Debbie Milner A Ride Away Poster Coving
    Debbie Milner The Owl Flew Poster
    Dillon Jaxx Press one for emergencies Coving
    Ella-Mae Campling Poem 2 Poster Digital
    Elliot Ross Low Tide Poster
    Emlyn Roberts The Back Step Poster Digital
    Emma Shuttleworth Relativity Poster
    Enzo Marra Nocturnal Poster
    Eric Leroy The Garden Poster
    Eva Hibbs Love Is Not Competition Poster Coving
    Fay Marshall Brighton Serenade Poster
    Fiona Robbins Cormorant Poster Digital
    Gary Goodman River of Calm Poster
    Gemma Moroney Lapped Poster Digital
    Geoffrey Tabrah You Are Special Poster
    Georgia Buckthorn The Pebble Beach Poster
    Grace Kemp Tea and Lemonade Coving
    Helena Grace Burden Poster
    Héloïse Hearn Ice and a slice Digital
    Heloise Hotson Supermoon Poster
    Indrani Ananda Shough Martian Rose Poster
    Isobel Thrilling Pulse Poster Digital
    Jane Saddler No Such Thing Poster Digital
    Jane Thorp Nick Andrews Plays At The Unitarian Poster Digital
    Janina Karpinska FLAME Poster Digital
    Jean Hall A Bag For Life Poster
    Jennifer Uriguen-Beckett Coward Poster
    Jenny Arach Brighton Beach Poster
    Jenny Foulds Snail Poster
    Jessie Fuller Sports Day Poster
    Jill Munro Bunted Poster Coving
    Jim Patterson Windfall Poster
    Joan Baxter I want to keep it simple but I can’t Coving
    John Keenan This poem is not a social media post Poster
    John Kirk All Day Long Poster Coving
    Jonathan Bastable STARLINGS (West Pier) Poster
    Joshua Blackman Unreadably, the forest Poster Coving
    Julia Asling Ghandi’s Glasses Poster Coving
    Karen Antoni Ping Pong Ball Poster Coving
    Katy Naylor Terminal Poster Coving
    Kav R Ode to escapes Poster Coving
    Kirstie Negus Eagle Poster
    Leila Ufer Classroom Poster Digital
    Lottie Angell Last bus to Brighton Poster Coving
    Louise Knapp Bedtime Rain Poster
    Lucy Allsopp Tropism Poster Coving
    Lucy Cage Going Under Poster
    Maddie Craig Cigarette Packet People Poster Coving
    Maggie Redding Black Coving
    Maisie Gervais sorrel sorrow Poster
    Mandy Willis Friday Morning Poster
    Maria Cohut Erased Poster
    Mark Stewart In the Arms of the Kelpie Poster
    Martha Goyder Toddler, aged one Poster
    Mary Allen Joy-Riding Poster Coving
    Mary Allen Lynx Poster Coving
    Merry Wahogo ALL YOU MAY NEED IN SHOREHAM Poster
    Michael Gale To the Missing of Firle Poster
    Michael Parker Geomorphology Poster Coving
    Nicola Garrard Carpenter Poster
    Noah Gabriel Martin Scale Poster
    Peta Evans Men are from Mars… Coving
    Peter Strong First Kiss Poster Coving
    Peter Wellby IN THE MUSEUM OF AMAZEMENT Coving
    Rebecca Zeman On reading a Black poet’s memoir Coving
    Richard Lloyd-Jones Walking ahead Poster Digital
    Rob Bowley Sixty seven Poster
    Robin Braid Oh the Heavy, Heavens Poster Digital
    Sally Meyer Medusa Poster
    Sally Spiers The knitter Coving
    Samuel Mahoney Black and White Poster
    Sarah Feldman Crimbo on number 7 bus Poster Coving
    Sarah Kerridge Awaiting a call from your ex husband Poster Digital
    Sarah Kerridge Kefalos, Koz Poster Digital
    Sean de Podesta Elm Poster Digital
    Sean de Podesta Holding Hands Poster
    Simon Jenner Philomena’s Children Coving
    Simon Powell Aida done a blinder Poster
    Skye de la Mare The Mums on the Bus are Judged, Judged, Judged Poster
    Stuart Poulton The Rev Richard Coles favourite bus ride Poster Coving
    Sue Moules Walking The Whippet in The Rain Poster Digital
    Susi Maxwell-Stewart She sleeps deeply now Poster Digital
    Tamara Evans Give me my swim Poster
    Tom Fox Thank you, to the early morning of the 29th of February 2020 Coving
    William Johnston In the last moment… Poster Digital
    Zoe Corden Teddy and the Submarine Poster