I Want To Thank…

Brighton & Hove Quill of Poetry  (1st July 2018)


The National Health Service is 70 years old on 5 July 2018.  Terry Godwin of Brighton & Hove Quill of Poetry has written two poems to celebrate this event and will be giving public readings of them both within the NHS (at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust) and on national radio.

I want to thank…….

I want to thank, you, you and you,

Yes each and every one of you,

Who give your love and care in looking after me,

The world politely calls me a Golden Oldie.

In my lifetime to the world I have given my best,

Now I am told to ease up and take a well- earned rest.

I live alone; three years ago I lost a wonderful mate,

In a dreadful car accident died, left me in a state.

If it was not for the N.H.S. I would not be here today,

It is seventy years old, looked after me every step of the way.

From the day it was born, I was on its doorstep,

I have had five major operations, many minor ones, none I regret.

If it wasn’t for the wonderful N.H.S. I would not be here today.

When I think of them I always give a big Hooray,

Let us hope their dedicated staff will be here to stay.

My G.P. and his wonderful team of nurses and staff,

Always welcome and comfort me, give me a laugh.

I go to three clubs during the week,

I get meals, entertainment and the companionship I seek.

Mostly run by volunteers who make my life worthwhile,

Because of their support some golden oldies like “Putting on the style”

Thank you all for your time and attention devoted to looking after us,

You make us feel wanted, important, without ado or fuss

When we lose our independence and move into a home offering care,

It could be our last port of call in life’s rich fare.

We thank you all for making our last hours on earth calm and sweet,

Knowing one day we all will travel down that street.

Thank you all, I hope I have not missed anyone out.

To our loved ones, the nursing staff and the G.P. and team, volunteer workers and the social worker, we golden oldies enthusiastically shout,

Thank you for your love and care in helping us out.”

God Bless Our Wonderful N.H.S

Brighton Hove Quill of Poetry

God Bless Our National Health Service

Greetings from the Nation to our wonderful National Health Service

You celebrate seventy years and made it a great success.

In the history of every civilised and modern nation,

There comes a moment of great celebration.

Our proud British Isles will salute our wonderful N.H.S.

Recognised throughout the world as the best, which is tremendous

It was created seventy years ago by Aneurin Bevan

At the time he did not realise he was creating a piece of heaven.

He offered a free medical service to us all,

It has grown to have over one million, seven hundred thousand staff meeting the nation’s call.

Our nation is an elderly one, and we live longer, we become infirm, more vulnerable to illness,

The N.H.S. needs more staff and finance for this ever growing problem to address.

Our wonderful N.H.S. looks after us from birth to death.

Heals our wounds, tends our illness, gently closes the door when we lay down the wreath.

The A and E departments are open 24 hours a day to assist in any emergency,

The doors are always open to take any dire urgency.

We have come to accept the N.H.S. as part of our everyday life.

Relying on it to heal our pains and mental strife.

Let us as a nation, stand together, raise our glass and thank the N.H.S. for the wonderful work you do.

From the bottom of our hearts we all sing,

“God Bless You” To each and every one, whatever part you play or do.

Terry Godwin. The Laughing Poet.

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