Kate Tempest – The Arts

Kate Tempest  (24th April 2017)

The arts should be social, not elitist.

They should be part of our everyday life.

They should be in our communities, not only

on elevated platforms or behind red velvet

ropes. Music, literature, theatre, film – these

things are so important, they bring us together

into the same space, they give us ourselves,

they bring us to life.

They beam our humanity back to us in all

its hideous beauty.  And in these times,

with the fear spreading everywhere

and the divisions between us deepening daily,

we desperately need to remember that

we are all part of the same thing.

Nothing does that for me more profoundly

or joyously than standing in the crowd

watching a gig, or a play, or a painting.

It’s like a little victory you get to keep forever.

I want us to offer that experience to everyone.”

– Kate Tempest

Guest Director – Brighton Festival 2017

(BHAC note: Kate Tempest, guest director of this year’s Brighton Festival, wrote this last year and has kindly given her permission for us to reprint it on our Blog.  It describes so well what our members do all twelve months of the year.)

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