Keeping it in the (BPO) family

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra  (19th September 2017)


Brighton Philharmonic OrchestraOur recent story about Barbara & Samuel Burston, who met playing the violin in the Brighton Philharmonic in 1948, got us thinking about how many musical partnerships the orchestra has benefited from over the years.

Those audience members with long memories may recall another husband and wife duo from within the BPO violins – Jenny and Paul Buxton?

At present the orchestra boasts no less than nine family partnerships that currently exist within the orchestra:

Holly & Daniel Bhattacharya (violin), Ani Batikian & Roland Roberts (violin), Emily Adams (violin) & Peter Adams (cello), Jane Pickles (flute) & Justin Ward (viola), Deborah Davis (flute/piccolo) & John Payne (clarinet), Alex Carr & Richard Stroud (horn), Jane Hanna (horn) & Ian Fasham (bass trombone), Donna-Maria Landowski & Bobby Ball (percussion), whilst Anna Giddey (violin) & Joe Giddey (cello) are sister & brother.

The 2017/18 BPO Concert season starts on Sunday, 8th October 2017.

BPO Concert Manager Ian Brignall  has done a short video previewing the new season at the Dome.  See it here on YouTube.