Brighton & Hove Quill of Poetry

The Brighton & Hove Quill of Poetry was founded by Terry Godwin and Geoff Tabrah in 2016.

We hold two meetings a week, both at the Brighthelm Community Centre.  On Mondays (except bank holidays), we meet informally at the Centre from 3-4pm or longer to read and discuss poetry; all are welcome to join us.  On Thursdays, we have a reading in the Radio Room from 4-5pm; space for this is limited to seven persons so we need to arrange this in advance.
The Thursday Radio Room reading is recorded, and you can listen to it from the next day on Mixcloud/brightonquill (see below for link).  You can read or have your poetry read, just listen, and be recorded.  We are keen to hear from more poets,  have more members join our group, and  hear from poets who would like to chat with us in our radio room.

We have also compiled “We love Brighton and Hove”, a book of poems written by Sussex poets,  published in Autumn 2017.  (See Amazon for details)

For further information please ring Terry Godwin on 01273 553782 or email to

Shoreham Wordfest

Charity number: 1163258
Shoreham Wordfest is a community arts organisation, featuring an annual autumn literary festival and a range of activities throughout the year including school and community projects, creative writing workshops, competitions and slams, drama productions.
Our aim is to develop local creativity as well as featuring inspirational authors and performers.