Society of Catholic Artists (SCAR) Sussex

The National Society of Catholic Artists was started in 1929 but the Regional Group (SCAR) was started in  Brighton in 1976 by  John Armstrong and Barrie Huntbach.

The Aim of the Society has always been to promote and share the Gospel I.e Christian values of Faith ,  Hope and Love – through the engagement of making and inspiring others through Art.

Members meet on the first alternate Saturday of the month and enjoy a variety of Activities ( COVID) permitting !

Currently members are invited to take part in the local Exhibition  (BHAC) in the Spring/ Summer.

Current membership stands at 12 and includes printmakers, stained glass makers, calligraphers, textile artists and Wood carvers but all Craftspersons are welcome to join.

Membership fees are £15 annually.  Concessions for full time students and those on benefit are available at £8.

To join please use the contact details below.