Remembering Smudge

The Southwick Players  (5th May 2017)

Sadly recently ‘Smudge’ Roberts passed away.   Smudge was a long standing member of The Southwick Players and,
as many of you will know, one of her stock phrases was  ‘in the old days’ .

Smudge was around ‘in the old days’ of The Players, and would relate stories of evenings spent with the
likes of Peter Gullen, ” straightening nails ready to build a new set “.  It is not known whether or not her
nickname came from the fact that she was a good set painter and, indeed, artist or that her maiden name
was Smith, i.e. ‘ Smudger Smith ‘.  She would come into the workshop, have a chat and say ” I must go
now and tend to my allotment ” or go to the Art club.  However, such was her art of chatter that two or three
goodbyes later she would finally leave.  Her warmth will not be forgotten.  –  David Otway

Iris ‘Smudge’ Roberts passed away on 18th March 2017 aged over 80.