Sculpture in Our City needs your support

Hove Civic Society – 01 April 2021

Sculpture in Our City needs your support

Hove Civic Society is passionate about improving our local environment and public space for the benefit and enjoyment of all.  Following our successful launch of the Hove Plinth as a new cultural landmark on the seafront, we are promoting the gradual development of a city-wide public arts trail of world class sculpture, spearheaded by sculptures that have been showcased on the Hove Plinth and joined by many other public art initiatives and sources.  In this way we can over time transform our city into a city-wide ‘open-air art gallery’ that brings pleasure to residents and visitors alike and cements Brighton & Hove’s reputation as an artistic destination.

Getting started

During 2019/20 an advisory group made up of practical experts from civic societies, the art sector, the development and construction industry and a senior council member has helped us define a framework for Sculpture in Our City.  The project will work across the city, be joined by a range of community interest and supported by the City Council.  To start it up Hove Civic Society will convene a steering group of partners and provide the lead and secretariat.

How will it work ?

Once set up Sculpture in Our City partners will jointly find and agree locations of future major art works, issue calls to artists, carry out public consultations and procure major works in a unified way.  Partners of the initiative will be expected to undertake some of their own fund raising but, in cooperation with the city council, there will be an expectation that developer contributions for public art will flow into the project.


Where are we now ?

To date a number of civic organisations have declared their support for the project, including Kemptown Society, Regency Society and West Hove Forum.  Together with Hove Civic Society, the organisations cover the city from the Marina to the Hove Lagoon.  We are in discussion with the City Council and the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust to extend our current Memoranda of Understanding regarding the Hove Plinth to encompass the wider ambitions of Sculpture in Our City.


How you can help – our call to action

To successfully take the initiative forward we need to demonstrate wide spread support from organisations and individuals involved in the cultural life of the city.  We are therefore asking you to write to us with a brief statement showing your support for Sculpture in Our City.  Please send your support statement by email to the Chair of Hove Civic Society,