Spreading a little love with ART

Dupont Art Club  (26th April 2017)

Recently my friend and fellow artist Tina Stiles arranged to visit the Dane House seniors’ home  to teach art.  This was initiated by Brighton and Hove Arts Council who arrange for outreach to the community to enrich the lives of others through having some of their many member organizations volunteer to do things like this.  Tina and I are members of the Dupont Art Club.

We worked with a half dozen people who made and decorated their own cards to be sent to loved ones.  During this time there was laughter and comradery amongst the people, with all of them able to complete at least two cards each.  They were very happy to have people take the time to work and interact with them.

We each have something to offer others be it cheerful conversation, company or teaching a little bit of art.  With art, people don’t have to speak if they don’t wish to and can communicate through their art.  They just immerse themselves in a relaxing activity.
Although we were the ones to give of our time, we were all the richer for this with feelings of giving a little of our skills to enrich the lives of others.  (Judy Alexander)

(BHAC note: Dupont Art Club is one of the six art groups taking part in our 2017 Spring Exhibition 26th-29th April)