Update on The Plinth

Hove Civic Society  (20th January 2018)

This is the year when the Hove Plinth becomes a reality after all the hard work to reach this stage.   From next month, you should see work beginning on the sea front just south of the Queen Victoria statue on Grand Avenue.

Mock-up of plinth and sculpture with illustrative icons

The fencing will go up first to allow the foundation and core structure to be formed and the cabling for power and internet to be installed.   After this a high quality stone cladding will be fitted.   There will also be special stone paving and in-ground lighting around the Plinth along with a specially designed fixing plate, similar to the one on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, on top of it to hold Constellation in place.

Following the autumn workshops with local residents, Jonathan Wright is creating the objects that are going to be part of the Constellation sculpture. We are keeping the details under wraps at the moment but can promise a delightful celebration of Hove’s past and present.   On 22nd March, he will be explaining the whole process of developing the sculpture as part of the HCS Lecture programme.*

Save the date of our grand launch on 21st April 2018 when Mayor of Brighton Cllr Mo Marsh will officially inaugurate the Hove Plinth and its first sculpture, Constellation by Jonathan Wright.**   (Karin Janzon)

* See details of the lecture on our online  calendar here

** See details of the inauguration on our online calendar here